HackAI is a hackathon organized by the Artificial Intelligence Society. Come and build an intelligent reasoning application on November 5-6th with $1200 available in prizes. Free food and fun for all who attend!

About the Hackathon:

Answer set programming (ASP) is a rule-based paradigm for programming intelligent applications that involve common sense reasoning. ASP allows simulation of reasoning techniques that humans employ on a daily basis---default reasoning, counterfactual reasoning, abductive reasoning, etc. Thus, very powerful reasoning applications can be built with ASP such as:  web-based recommendation systems, undergraduate degree audit and advising, disease management, representing high school biology knowledge, etc. The s(ASP) system is an implementation of ASP developed at UT Dallas.

The s(ASP) system can be download from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sasp-system/

Sample s(ASP) applications:

1. Degree Audit and Advising: http://gradaudit.xyz
2. Representing knowledge about cell biology: https://gitlab.com/saikiran1096/knowledge-rep

Answer Set Programming resource page: http://potassco.sourceforge.net/


  • HackAI is open to all of The University of Texas at Dallas students
  • Teams of up to 4 people are allowed
  • All participants are strongly encouraged to publish their application as open source


To be eligible for prizes, submissions must:

  • Must use the s(ASP) system to build the application
  • Winning entries are required to open-source their code
  • The project must be created at HackAI from 2:00PM November 5th to 1:00PM November 6th
  • If third party libraries and APIs are incorporated in your project, they must be available to the public
  • Working off of your previous existing projects is strongly discouraged. Submissions must note they are using old code.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,200 in prizes

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


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How to enter

Thank you for your interest, but registration has been closed.


Dr. Gopal Gupta

Dr. Gopal Gupta
Head of the CS Department, The University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Abhijeet Sangwan

Dr. Abhijeet Sangwan
Chief Technology Officer, Speetra Inc

Gordon Arnold

Gordon Arnold
Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas

Judging Criteria

  • HackAI Finalists
    Your submission will be judged on 4 categories. Creativity - How unique is your solution? Intelligence - How well is your program able to reason? Complexity - How technically challenging is the solution? Impact - What value does your solution deliver?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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